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Mozilla Thunderbird


Thunderbird is a modern email application with an intelligent junk mail filter, a spellchecker, a wide variety of themes and an adapting appearance. In addition, Thunderbird has support for IMAP and POP, ability to write HTML email, quick search, address book, advanced message filtering, address completion, import tools and the ability to manage multiple independent email accounts and news groups.

Security is a central theme in Thunderbird. The intelligent junk mail filter of Thunderbird analyses your email and recognises message that are probably junk mail. Junk mail can be configured to be deleted automatically or just moved to another message folder. The filter is adaptive and it gains accuracy unattended based on your address book and your correspondence.

Further, Thunderbird meets the security requirements of corporations and associations with features such as S/MIME, electronic signatures, message encryption and support for certificates and security devices.

Thunderbird also supports a wide variety of add-ons. Thunderbird extensions add new features and configure the appearance to suit you better.

Are you worried about information security? After you have installed Thunderbird, you can choose to install the Enigmail encryption plugin that is included on VALO-CD.

To install Enigmail, choose from the menu Tools item Add-ons. Drag the following files to Add-ons: programs\gpg4win-2.2.0.exe and programs\thunderbird\enigmail-1.5.2.xpi.


Thunderbird by FLOSS Manuals is included on VALO-CD.

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